Esports Express Launches Successfully on Reddit

The European competitive gaming news website launched today with a spectacular link submission that attracted nearly 900 upvotes in just one hour. The link was submitted by user notYawnGamers and was accompanied by twenty other completely unrelated link submissions so as to carefully circumvent Reddit’s spam rules.

Reddit’s recent ban of the ESPORTS pageview accumulation website has left many fans and players wondering what to do now that their traffic cannot be subtly guided toward one website.

“One cannot run a site like without suckling at Reddit’s traffic teat,” said reporter Reynaud “Slasheur” Bréslau from yawnGamers HQ in Poland. “ will not repeat onGamers’s mistakes.”

While most fans are celebrating yawnGamers’s European news perspective as well as its Reddit-friendly focus, critics believe that the new website may be owned by the same people behind

“yawnGamers is entirely different than onGamers and they should both get invites to LCS,” said Alex Garfield, owner of American gaming team Evil Geniuses.

“I agree,” said Alliance’s Swedish team owner Aleksandr Karføld, who briefly paused to adjust his monocle and realistic-looking mustache.

yawnGamers’s own киборг Мaтт wrote:

Reddit 2014-04-10 Patch Analysis:

● banned
● remains unbanned

“yawnGamers’s Warsaw office is way better in every way than onGamers HQ in shitty San Francisco,” said ESPORTS historian Dukan Tarcze. “Especially racially.”

He added, “Baise Slasheur.”

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