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Fluff Leads Liquid to Top 3 Finish on Reddit

Dota 2 player and possible captain Brian “Fluff” Lee has led TeamLiquid to a Top 3 finish on Reddit with a brilliantly executed blog post strategy.

While Fluff was always known for being a creative drafter and even has his own category on Reddit, many did not expect him to produce a 3,300 word first draft that would compete so well.

“Fluff has sick page sense and drama awareness,” said one reader. “His adverb and adjective rotation was amazing.”

Fans have also pointed to Fluff’s excellent support vocabulary control, using 100 descriptive terms with nearly perfect grammar micro. Some hope that all his past blogs can be combined into a necrobook for publishing.

“I’m just happy I read it live,” said user QueenofPen. “Rarely do you get to witness such a well executed team fight.”

Statistics show that Fluff currently has the highest word MMR in the NA blogging scene, a full 500 words ahead of the next highest rated blogger, William “Blitz” Lee.

In just eight hours, Fluff’s post has generated nearly 40,000 views on TeamLiquid and 350 comments on Reddit. Unfortunately, the blog was defeated in the grand finals by a screenshot of Alliance’s Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg calling out Arteezy in Twitch chat.

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