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Korean Serial Killer Targets Dota 2 Teams

A nationwide manhunt continues as Korean police search for the man who is responsible for the death of two Dota 2 teams in less than a month. The main suspect, Kim “Febby” Yongmin, originally traveled to Korea to compete in Nexon’s Dota 2 tournament (NSL), but is now on the run after brutally murdering two popular local teams after joining them.

The first killing allegedly occurred on December 19, 2013, immediately after Kim and his team For Our Utopia (“fOu”) lost a Nexon tournament match. The charred, mutilated bodies of his teammates were found the morning after in a Seoul apartment that had once been fOu’s team house. The cause of death was revealed to be from excessive flames.

Local residents believe that Kim burns the bodies of his victims to hide the fact that he transforms into a vampire-like creature who preys on unsuspecting teammates.

“He’s a monster who is hungry for blood,” said one terrified pub player. “He joins teams just to feed.”

The fOu incident was initially thought to be an accident, but the case was reclassified as a homicide when Kim’s second team, StarTale, died two weeks after he joined it. StarTale had previously been a NSL champion and was survived by its StarCraft 2 and League of Legends teams.

“No lane is safe with this guy out there feeding,” said the sole survivor of the fOu killing, William “Blitz” Lee. “I’m just glad I was able to escape with my life.”

Police are urging Dota 2 teams to put up wards and ban invisible heroes until they are able to find and arrest Kim, who at the moment is still on the loose. Based on an analysis of his feeding patterns, it seems likely that Febby will attempt to feed at night, when vision is limited.

If anyone has details regarding Kim’s whereabouts, contact the authorities at 1-800-MERLINI.

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