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Amazing! This LoL Player Made It to LPL Quarterfinals without a Small Intestine

Crushing all five members of Team WE is no easy feat, but that’s exactly what League of Legends player PawN did in the LPL Spring 2015 Quarterfinals. But there’s a twist: PawN is a disabled gamer; he has enteritis, or inflammation of the small intestine.

PawN’s real name is Heo Won-seok. He was born in South Korea, but moved to China to pursue his dream of swimming in a vault full of gold. He was scheduled to play in the LPL Quarterfinals with his team, EDward Gaming, but at the last minute, he fell sick with enteritis. The team had to replace him with former midlaner Ceng “U” Long, but the substitute’s lack of practice, lack of team strategies, and lack of Korean DNA really hurt EDG’s performance against WE.

“Seeing my team go 2:2 against WE almost brought tears to my eyes,” PawN told reporters. “The only thing stopping me from crying was my life-threatening dehydration.”

Putting his teammates’ success before his personal health, PawN bravely offered to play for EDG despite his condition. Instalocking Kassadin, he destroyed WE and led EDG to semifinals.

“Riot crippled Kassadin’s mobility, but that didn’t stop me,” said PawN. “My excruciating abdominal pain crippled my mobility, and that didn’t stop me either.”


Doctors estimate that it will take two months for PawN to recover. Analysts say that it will take a similar amount of time for WE to recover.

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