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Top 7 Places to Scrim Before You Get Relegated

Counter Logic Gaming’s losses to both Curse and Dignitas not only opened up a LCS spot for a lucky Challenger team, but also created an entirely new form of tourism. Professional LoL international travel is at an all-time high as teams have started to scrim at various locations around the world in preparation for disappointing their fans in playoffs.

We’ve compiled a list of the top seven places for these teams to scrim in — places that contain the perfect combination of beauty, culture, affordability, and hubris.

7. Paris, France

Thirty-nine percent of France can speak English, but one hundred percent of France will refuse to. Plagued with arrogance and communication issues, your LoL team will fit right into the Parisian culture.

6. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s famous volcanoes and geysers are eternally flaming — and so will your team, once playoffs starts.

5. Katowice, Poland

Scrimming here will cause a philosophical conundrum for Thorin, who will be split between insulting your scrim location and defending your coach.

4. International Space Station

Honestly, this is really the only way your team could out-rotate the rest of the world.

3. Singapore, Singapore

Singapore’s stringent laws and arbitrary fines will make you feel like you never left Riot jurisdiction.

2. Beijing, China

The perfect spot to prepare for North American LCS and the inevitable ownership battle that will occur within six months.

1. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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