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Dead Game Activists Just Want Equal Rights

Dead Game activists hope that the StarCraft 2 community can become more accepting of people who write “dead game” with various misspellings on internet forums and message boards.

“Dead Gamers” or DGs, often find their comments relegated to the bottom of r/starcraft threads or see themselves banned from by moderators.

“Without Reddit and TL, we have no safe, accepting community to discuss how we feel this game’s mortality,” said disbandbestband, who founded a DG Forum that failed due to lack of activity.

DG supporters believe they are largely ignored because the average SC2 fan is so blinded by institutionalized ignorance that they manage to take pleasure in watching StarCraft matches without considering the status of the game.

“All that we ask is that a passionate community allows us, through repetition, to convince them that their common interest is dead,” said one DG. “For us, it’s literally a matter of life or death.”

Studies have shown that dead gamers often suffer from anger, depression, and other health issues stemming from constant exposure and involvement in a community that may not believe it is dead.

“Being a dead gamer isn’t a choice, I was born this way: dead,” said another DG. “I was literally born dead.”

“Because of this blatant discrimination, people are saying the dead game movement is dying,” said a DG Reddit user with nearly ten thousand negative karma. “Hearing ‘dead dead game’ all the time is pretty annoying, why can’t they just let us enjoy our interests?”

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