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XDG’s Comedy Project Finally Coming Together

After months of anticipation, XDG Gaming has released the latest installment in their live performance comedy series. Team Vulcun, following a disappointing Season 3 World’s showing, announced their retirement from professional gaming and move towards professional comedy. From picking Scrabble tiles out of a hat to choose their new names in October to swapping Xmithie and Zuna in January, XDG has produced a series of brilliant comedic acts. However, their latest move, benching Lyubomir “BloodWater” Spasov, may be the greatest one yet.

According to XDG management, the focus on comedy rather than professionalism comes in response to long-standing hatred of the team, especially from their arch-nemeses, Reddit and fat-shamers.

“After our humorless run last season, we’re here to put the XD back into GGs,” stated XDG coach Kenneth “Kenma” Buechter. “Much like how I’ll be putting my nephew in the mid lane and firing Mancloud.”

Despite BloodWater’s claim to the contrary, XDG goes through a very thorough training regimen. Christina “Gnomesayin” Laird’s awakens the team at 5 AM with a rendition of “Scotland the Brave” on her homemade bagpipes. Over the next twelve hours, XDG practice an assortment of performance techniques, including pie tossing, match tossing, roster musical chairs, blindfolded face painting, and clown wrestling. Their day ends with an hour of free time – the only stipulation is that no League of Legends may be played.

The comedic art of the Team Formerly Known as Vulcun has been well received by the League of Legends community. Sources say NA amateur team LMQ has been laughing especially hard.

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