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MMR Poverty Rife Among Dota 2 Players


A recent study has uncovered alarming evidence that while Dota 2’s player base is exponentially increasing, the vast majority of those players live in MMR poverty.

With the release of the Ranked Matchmaking mode several months ago, many Dota 2 players are only now discovering just how poor they are in terms of matchmaking rating (MMR).

“In this economy, we don’t lend gold to sub-3000 MMR players anymore,” said an official from N. P. Furion One, the largest investment bank in Dota 2. “Their income is simply too unreliable.”

Despite Dota 2 posting record levels of unique players per month, most low-MMR players still cannot afford basic game-to-game necessities like TP scrolls, couriers, or wards, and have resorted to pooling to make ends meet. These players are typically homeless, without any fixed position or role, and end up roaming aimlessly from lane to lane or attempting to find shelter in the woods. It is estimated that roughly 50% of players in MMR poverty are currently ancientless.

Higher MMR players have responded by advising those affected by MMR poverty to educate themselves and put in the time and effort necessary to improve their economic situation instead of just blindly buying unnecessary cosmetics.

“I didn’t spawn with this MMR, I earned it,” said one 5000-rated player while polishing his casual sacred relic. “Back in the day, I walked to lane with no boots in the snow tileset.”

Another said, “I saw my 2000 MMR friend with a Drodo even though he has no idea how to play support and he could never afford to buy a courier.”

However, some remain convinced that it’s impossible to pull yourself out of MMR poverty after playing in it for so long.

“Did you know that the top 1% of players control 95% of all MMR?” said HoboDoto, who requested we not release his rating. “Not everyone was born with a Scythe of Vyse, wake up sheeple.”

More and more players have turned to abandoning, claiming that anything is better than the current situation, even the low priority queue, where players have no idea MMR even exists.

In response to the growing disillusionment, Valve has enacted the Proposition 6.80, which adds an equal opportunity ability draft mode and several other features for low MMR players.

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