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4th Grader Reports on NiP LCS Controversy


Ninjas and Lemon Dogs

by Danny Johnson, Age 9

Hello my name is Danny Johnson and I like playing video games. Today I would like to talk about my third favoritest game, League of Legends. I like League of Legends because it sounds like LoL and you can play as pretty girls. It is only my third favoritest because people say mean things to me when I am losing.

Today I would like to talk about Ninjas and Lemon Dogs which are two teams that play in EU. EU stands for Europe where they have castles and the Eiffel Tower. I would never ever want to live in Europe because the castles make League of Legends lag too much, I think.

Here are some people watching LCS. It is the biggest LoL tournament with lots of cool players and prizes. This year the Koreans won. My mom always gets mad when the Koreans are driving but I think the car rides are fun. Koreans are good at League of Legends. A long time ago the Dogs went to LCS too.

After LCS was over all the Lemon Dogs left so the team had to get new Lemon Dogs. I hope the team was not too sad. When my old dog Rufus left and we got a new dog my dad said Rufus went to a farm. Maybe this is where the old Lemon dogs went.

There is another team named Ninjas in Pyjamas. They were really good too but they were not in the LCS like the Dogs. This made the Ninjas very jealous, so they dressed up like the Lemon Dogs and tried to sneak in. Then they were caught which made everyone very mad. Some people called them cheaters. I don’t know how they got caught because Ninjas are supposed to be good at disguise. Riot who is the president of the League of Legends made new rules that said you could not pretend to be other teams.

The Lemon Dogs were going to play in LCS but the leader of the Dogs forgot to turn in his homework. This made Riot so mad they kicked him out. I hope he did not say that the Dogs ate his homework. The teacher never believes me when I say that.

Now LCS is missing a team because they have no Dogs. These are the three teams who played games to go to LCS. They were named Ninjas in Pyjamas, Supa Hot Crew, and MeetYourMakers. The Ninjas get another chance! My mom says everyone deserves a second chance, even cheaters.

Supa Hot Crew has a silly name so I call them SHC. I think they are not good at spelling, because they spelled “super” wrong. I told my mom but she said people sometimes people spell different when they rap. I don’t think anyone in Europe can rap because they talk funny and don’t have freedom. My teacher Ms. Brennernan says they do but I don’t believe her.

All three teams were supposed to fight each other for the spot, but then the Ninjas made a big mistake. One their players forgot to download the game and his team got kicked out! My soccer coach always tells us to make sure we don’t forget our cleats and water bottles before the game. I think that the manager Ninja Deficient should have been more like my coach.

After the Ninjas were kicked out, everything got very confusing. People called Zorozero “Coke Zero” and people said that NiP stood for “Not in Promotions,” which I think is a lie because it doesn’t have any ninjas in it.

In the end, Supa Hot Crew won. They are not as cool or as smart as Ninjas, but I guess they were more prepared. My dad says the most important thing is to try your hardest but the Ninjas and Dogs didn’t even try hard enough to get to play.

Mrs. Brennernan says that there is always a moral to a story. The moral to this report is to always do your homework on time and make sure your computer can play games if you are a playing games for your job.

Thank you for reading my report.

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