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KeSPA Designates January As “Foreigner History Month”

The Korea e-Sports Association, often abbreviated KeSPA, has announced that, beginning in 2014, January will a month dedicated to celebrating the achievements of foreign StarCraft players.

Speaking on behalf of KeSPA, a man in a suit declared, “We will try to show good months.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Koreans being shut out of the recent WCS European Challenger qualifiers, in what many fans are calling a major victory of a white power over an insidious alien interloper. “I know First, Revenge, and TAiLS aren’t top tier and were playing with massive lag,” said Reddit user KeanuReaver. “But they’re definitely still Korean.”

“Hooray, no more Koreans in WCS Europe!” said one confused fan. When informed that four of the eight existing Premiere league seeds were Korean and five more could qualify for next season, including former GSL Code S champion jjakji, the fan replied, “Who?”

To celebrate the month, OGN will air foreigner remembrance programming, which will include repeated highlights of MLG Orlando 2011 and IPL3. KeSPA will also be issuing a commemorative foreign history month coin, modeled after the Euro (€) which cannot be exchanged into Korean currency.

However, like all KeSPA decisions, the action was met with criticism. Some Korean fans have said the foreigner history month itself constitutes a form of racism.

“Korean players are humans too. Their blood is red just like yours, and if you cut them, they will bleed, albeit in mechanically superior way,” said one netizen. “Why not Korean history month?”

Another fan replied, “every month in StarCraft is Korean history month.”

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