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What your Allies say vs What you hear League of Legends: CHAMP SELECT Edition


If you play ranked solo queue for any amount of time you very quickly start to pick out the discrepancy between what your teammates say in champ select and what their actions indicate. With that in mind, here are 7 phrases you will see all too often in that environment and – if you are the type of person who says them – what the rest of us are hearing when you do.

What they say: “I cant support. / I don’t have support champions on this account.”

What you hear: “I don’t want to support, but am willing to lie to force someone else to do it and will throw a huge fit if you make me. “

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We hope you end up like this Darius.


What they say: “It’s good, I saw [Insert Professional Player/Personality] do this on stream!”

What you hear: “I have zero experience with this champion or play style, but because a paid player with thousands of hours of practice can pull it off I’m sure I can too”

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How your 0-14 Twisted Fate sees himself.

What they say: “I’m gonna proxy singed so if I die just use that to get objectives”

What you hear: “I have found a way to feed constantly for an entire game and still get mad/act superior to my teammates.”

What they say: “Let me play [insert role], I”m a diamond smurf / My main is diamond/challenger. “

What you hear: “I’m not a smurf, but I think I’m really clever trying to trick people into giving the role I want. I’m also going to play terribly if I don’t get that role and only mediocre if I do.”

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Nobody is fooled.
Source: My bad Photoshop skills.

What they say: “I’ll fill whatever, I’m good with anything”

What you hear: “I’m a smurf”

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The “I’m gonna get carried” dance.

What they say: “WOW you didn’t ban [Malphite/Amumu/Blitz/etc.] gg.

What you hear: “I have literally given up the game before it even began because a champion that isn’t even played competitively wasn’t instantly banned.”

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Bronzodia, The Forbidden One.

What they say: “I main Teemo”

What you hear: “Game over.”

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Despite the meme – Teemo’s win rate is actually pretty solid lately!
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