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Top 9 Dota 2 Male Pornstars






9. Lion

Lion is definitely left handed, and he has a bit of the Ron Jeremy style going on. The combination of low cooldown mana suck and impale already makes him a very capable performer, but what gets him on the list is finger of death.










8. Tidehunter

Gush is popular with the females, Kraken shell helps him escape harmful STDs, and ravage makes him the #1 most sought after pornstar in Japan.










5oFxRvs 7. Brewmaster

Guaranteed gangbang with his ultimate, and drunken haze makes it that much easier for picking up unsuspecting talent at bars.









vsMlg786. Batrider

Sticky napalm is just too spammable to ignore. Also, his ult is literally “flaming lasso,” the #1 rated gay bondage supermove.









5. Keeper of the Light

He’s an old guy with a creepy voice.








4. Shadow Shaman

This dude totally works for, he has electric shocks, shackles, an ability to turn someone into a chicken (bet you never saw hex porn before) and his ult summons ten magical snakes to inflict even more pain. He also holds two giant dildos in his hands.










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