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Speed Gaming Becomes World’s First Management-Only ESPORTS Team

After what has been a tough month for Speed Gaming, the team’s CEO, Marko Fernandez, has opted to kick all of the team’s players and strike out in a bold new direction. Fernandez made the announcement in an interview, where he explained that his players had been spreading misinformation about him, and he is terminating their contracts effective immediately. As a result, Speed Gaming will continue on as a management-only ESPORTS team.

While it’s common knowledge that players are the single greatest expense for an esports team, so far there has never been a manager bold enough to make the obvious move of sacking all of their own players. Now, the team has no need to spend money on computers, travel, or a team house. However, those expenses aren’t even the real savings. “The big relief came from not having to print any more of those team shirts,” said one Speed Gaming rep, “the raw material cost of printing something so large was really exhausting our resources.” ESEX reports that at least two workers died in a factory in Myanmar while stitching together the left wing of EternalEnvy’s jersey.

8JdEnoBAs the owner of Speed Gaming, Fernandez was then asked by Charlie “Monolith” Yang whether he felt that the decision to kick all of the team’s players would lend credence to those who believed him to be incompetent. Fernandez replied, “I’m moving forward no matter what, without stopping or slowing down.” Fernandez continued: “It’s like this team is a bus going forward really fast, like at 50 miles per hour, and if we stop or slow down, the bus explodes due to a special bomb that was planted by the film’s antagonist.”

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether or not Fernandez will have the team’s management participate in tournaments, or if Speed Gaming will simply forfeit each match.

Note: Top image is Artist’s rendition of Marko Fernandez.

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