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Fine Bros Unable to Trademark “Laugh,” “Enjoy”

Reaction connoisseurs Benny Fine and Rafi Fine faced a major legal defeat when the United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected their attempts to trademark the words “Laugh,” or “Enjoy.” The bureaucratic ruling stands as a major blow to the entire global media industry.

“The rejection of Fine Bros Entertainment’s latest trademark applications was a clear decision,” stated a patent officer, who has yet to make groundbreaking contributions to physics. “Not only did the Fine Bros not invent laughing or enjoying, but there is a lack of evidence that these two activities were ever connected to their video content whatsoever.”

“As a student of the past, I am glad that the Fine Brothers are documenting reactions to important issues,” said prominent historian Karl Marxiplier. “The Internet is usually very reluctant to publicize their personal opinions on controversial topics.”

“I, and many to come, will be sure to use the ‘React’ series to gauge public opinion,” he added. “Similarly, I’ll also be using infomercials to measure public reception to the Snuggie or Oxyclean.”

In order to enforce their existing trademarks, the Fine Brothers have announced development of a new drug that prevents unsanctioned emotional reactions. Called “Brozium,” the drug will be forcefully administered to the general populace, under pain of death from Youtube’s elite enforcers, who are trained in takedown-kata.

At the time of writing, the Walt Disney Company is now suing the Fine Brothers for violating the former’s trademark: making money from someone else’s original work.

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