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Shots Fired: HuK vs Thooorin

As with all journalist-related drama, it begins with patient zero, Slasher.

…followed by the inevitable “someone corrects Slasher” Tweet:

HuK, fresh off his ShoutCraft win, doesn’t think it’s a “premiere event” either:

We believe Slasher meant “cc” in the email sense, not in the “calling in OnGamers Reinforcements” sense that HuK took it.

Slasher probably meant we should ask Jaedong whether he considered NorthCon his first real SC2 win, not ask him if he thinks it belongs on the Liquipedia Premiere Events section.

Thooorin has arrived, and comes in blazing, FIRST BLOOD.

Thooorin fires again, and HuK responds with the classic backhanded compliment into c**t build.

Drama on Twitter is like blood in the water…

“Rocco” (no idea who this is, it’s not the porn star, we checked) with the side commentary:

Richard Lewis is telling someone to “let it go” on Twitter. In other news pigs are flying and BitByBit 14ccs.

Round 2… FIGHT

Thooorin with the literal and figurative “low blow.”

Former EG bro IdrA to the rescue.

Thooorin went there:

Anma: massage parlor often used for sex by foreigners in Korea. No response from HuK, presumably busy calling every massage parlor in Seoul, demanding who told.
And just like that, it’s over…

Until next time!

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