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New Payday 2 Heist Involves Stealing Millions from Fans of Payday 2

To wrap up its highly-anticipated 10-day update for Payday 2, game developer Overkill Software has announced that the final installment of Crimefest 2015 will feature a brand new heist dedicated to the Payday community. The paid DLC, titled “Transaction Day,” tasks the Payday Gang with stealing millions of dollars from unsuspecting purchasers of Payday 2.

Transaction Day will take place in a video game studio in Stockholm, Sweden. By holding “F” on various computers throughout the facility, robbers will be able to quickly and safely collect exorbitant amounts of money without putting in much effort.

“If you thought Payday was exciting when you were the thief, imagine how thrilling it’ll be to see your own finances get drained,” enthused one game reviewer. “No video game has demonstrated so many meta levels of thievery — that is, gamers robbing others virtually while getting robbed in real life — since Metal Gear Solid Online went live.”

The DLC will feature changes to gameplay mechanics that set it apart from previous robberies. For starters, Transaction Day marks the debut of the first cooperative targets in Payday 2. Some civilians, marked by a plant symbol, will eagerly hand out their cash and encourage others to do the same. These civilians are happy to have the choice of staying in the game in exchange for a small sum of money, explains Producer of Micropayday 2, Almir Listo.

Furthermore, the Shout mechanic has been removed from the game, as your player character will remain silent during the course of the robbery.

“To celebrate the success of Crimefest 2015, we at Overkill have decided to add a new mask: the Shinobi Earplugs,” Listo said. “For only $2.49, this cosmetic gives players the ability to ignore any problems that might arise over the course of the robbery, such as alarms or police assaults, allowing them to blissfully continue to siphon money.”

The producer added, “The best part about the mask is that after a short period of being ignored, police forces will simply give up and line up to hand over their own money as well.”

Additionally, heists will now feature a mechanic taken from the Far Cry series, as a tribute to Overkill’s being inspired by Ubisoft’s business practices. For an extra loot bonus, players will be allowed to hunt and harvest random wolves running throughout the entire map.

The new Payday 2 DLC has drawn comparisons to a similar paid update for another multiplayer FPS game, Evolve. The update added a new boss who, although filled with countless problems and weaknesses at launch, would rapidly become too expensive to beat.

At the time of writing, Overkill had also teased yet another upcoming heist, titled “After Thought,” which takes place in the aftermath of a disastrous game patch and a massive drop in ratings.

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