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FRANKIEonPC Issues DMCA Takedown Notice to CS:GO

Popular video game YouTuber FRANKIEonPCin1080p has recently issued a DMCA takedown notice to Bellevue-based game developer Valve Corporation, alleging that one of Valve’s games, the one that doesn’t have a yearly $15 million compendium-based crowdfunded tournament, stands in direct copyright violation of several of his YouTube videos.

“Valve shud :D b aware that steal :D vid 0_o :D bad my REDACTED $$$ :D :D like + subscribe,” wrote FRANKIEonPCin1080p in a Twitter post regarding the takedown.

Linguists hypothesize that FRANKIE was attempting to communicate that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive blatantly borrows textures, audio, art style, mechanics, and other gameplay features from several of his YouTube videos. This allows other content creators to create similar videos, unfairly forcing FRANKIE to provide interesting or engaging content in order to compete.

FRANKIE’s CS:GO takedown comes after an earlier scandal where prominent community members cited evidence pointing toward FRANKIE using an illegal “bunny hop” hack, among other cheating programs, in order to create one of his videos. In response, FRANKIE proved his innocence by deleting all YouTube content criticizing him.

“The community is treating FRANKIEonPCin1080p very negatively and unfairly,” said Eric ‘Ipkane’ Thunberg, ESEA co-owner and illicit bitcoin excavator. “If he needs any help repairing his PR image, we are willing to recommend all sorts of people with Down syndrome to use in his next video.”

Fans of FRANKIE have rallied behind the YouTube star, staging a walkout from several local United Kingdom primary schools immediately after lunchtime recess.

Sources say the coder who had programmed FRANKIEonPCin1080p’s bhopping script has prepared to join the legal fracas.

“FRANKIE has brought too much attention to my services,” stated the programmer, subtly nodding to an attendant bodyguard. “I have issued a takedown.”

The coder refused to clarify if he meant a DMCA takedown.

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