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Dota 2 Players Organize Occupy Mid Lane Protest

In response to the 32-day delay on the Immortal Treasure 3 release, Dota 2 players everywhere have organized into a peaceful protest movement titled “Occupy Mid Lane” to coerce Valve into accelerating the treasure polishing process.

Occupy Mid Lane involves all five players from both teams immediately walking down the middle lane and standing on their respective high grounds, idling as the creeps fight in the river. At the protest’s peak, there were nearly 20,000 OML games running, with an average game time of 4.5 hours.

“We sit on the high ground, watching the creeps fight in the dirt, much like Valve sits in their offices watching us,” said one OML protester who wore the signature OML Faceless Void mask. “We’re the polishers now.”

Analysts predict that, at the current rate of growth, all of Valve’s steam servers will be overloaded within two days, grinding all transactions in the store to a halt.

In response, Valve has announced and fast-tracked the release of the new $17 million stretch goal Immortal Treasure 5, in the form of a chest that contains:

• The Relics of Ribbi’tar Witch Doctor Set

• New Zeus, Viper, and Slardar Models

• Golden Third Head for Jakiro

• Gem of True Fault Item (automatically assigns blame at end of game)

• 1 in 10 chance to receive Immortal Treasure 3

• 1 in 250 chance of banning Techies from all your future games

Valve included the following teaser image of the first immortal item for Jakiro:

As of noon PST, OML protesters have reported that the Immortal Treasure 5 chest dropped directly into the center of the middle lane at the 20-minute mark of every game and could only be opened by the winning team.

Reports have indicated that the Occupy Mid Lane protest ended at 12:03 PM PST, with most of the Occupy protesters needing several minutes tab out of Dota 2 to purchase the chest.

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