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NA Players Forced to Choose between ESEA and IEM

The E-Sports Entertainment Association [ESEA] has announced an “American only” tournament scheduled for the same weekend as IEM Katowice, and has demanded that all invited teams cancel their other arrangements immediately.

“If you are playing some other penny tournament when your ESEA match is scheduled to start, you’ll forfeit your match,” said ESEA co-founder Eric ‘Ipkane’ Thunburg. “You will also be fined up to one hundred hours of bitcoins.”

ESEA originally intended to announce the tournament one day before IEM, but the news was stored as plain text and leaked to the press, who quickly accused ESEA of schedule fixing.

“This tournament is in the best interest of all players, American or Canadian, professional or amateur, banned or unbanned,” said Joshua ‘Steel’ Nissan, fixing consultant. “However, the most important thing to consider about this situation is: how does it affect me, Joshua ‘Steel’ Nissan?”

Facebook novelist and winter-wear model Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields voiced his support for the initiative, but was reticent when asked to elaborate.

“I’ve been advised not to comment on the situation as it involves Polish people,” he stated in a video blog recorded whilst taking a shower. He then added, while looking off camera, “Am I allowed to call them Polish or should I use a less offensive term?”

It is rumoured that while all of the invited teams plan on competing, most of them will be forced to play short-handed. Popular CS:GO player/streamer Jaryd ‘summit’ Lazar stated that, “While I’m saddened by my removal from Area 51, I’m excited to finally show the world what I can do with four bots at my side.”




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