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yawnGamers remains not banned from Reddit

Warning: In accordance with the post-onGamers Reddit landscape, the administrators of ESEX are forbidding all users from submitting ESEX content to Reddit. If you do manage to circumvent this entirely verbal and unenforceable ban, ESEX will have no choice but to receive more traffic and create more content. Please NEVER submit the content to Reddit through the “submit link” button located on the right side of the website.

Today, has announced that, for the second time this year, it has not had all of its staff banned from contributing to web content aggregator and source of 90% of its traffic, Reddit.

The latest release from comes alongside news of a second wave of bannings to have hit staff from other ESPORTS content creators found to be in habitual violation of Reddit’s terms of service.

“Honestly, I thought Reddit was like Dota or LoL and each team gets 5 bans,” said Rod “Slasher” Breslau, the 45-year-old patient zero of the herpes-esque onGamers virus that Reddit administrators are currently attempting to exterminate from their website.

Sources say onGamers may lose up to 90% of its traffic due to the ban, but may gain one important investor.

“onGamers’ downward traffic trajectory and extremely incompetent mishandling of its first Reddit ban has convinced me to invest heavily into it,” said Sapinda Group Executive Chairman and wealth enthusiast Lars Windhorst. “Expect an opulent launch party and liberal use of web-marketing boilerplate within the next 6-8 weeks.”

Speaking on behalf of the entirely Reddit-legal yawnGamers, staff writer Brooke “Boorin” Shields added:

“This is a disgrace, as yawnGamers has long set the standard for the casual manipulation of Reddit’s carefully balanced system of up-and-downvotes. Missing out on this latest wave of bannings has done significant damage to our business model, as our competitors are reaping the extra pageviews that come from being at the centre of a scandal as large as this.”

However, Shields added that hopes are high at yawnGamers that, through diligent social media spam and usage of multiple bot accounts, they too can one day earn a ban.

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