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Analysts: WCS Europe is the Weakest Region

A study conducted by the North American StarCraft Association this week has determined that Europe is the weakest StarCraft 2 region. Industry analysts have voiced concerns over a large difference between European and America skill level that is “increasing by a worrying margin.”

While European society, when compared to America, harbors general weaknesses in civil liberties, culture, and freedom which may impact the motivation and life culture of its StarCraft 2 players, the study’s findings are based upon a far more concrete factor: Koreans.

“The region that has the most Koreans is the strongest region,” said GSL caster and hair fetishist Wolf “Wolf” Schröder. “Korea typically has the most Koreans, but WCS America is catching up fast.”

In 2013 Koreans won all 31 premier events, accounting for 58 of the 62 finalists. In 2014 WCS America Season 1, Koreans and Korean-looking people accounted for over 26/32 players in the Round of 32, 13/16 in the Round 16, and 8/8 in the Round of 8, producing a “Korean” score, or K-Value, of 47 or 84%.

Comparatively, WCS Europe had 8 Koreans in the Round of 32, 6 in the Round of 16, and 5 in the Round of 8, for a K-Value of 19 (34%). The following chart helps present the data in a more accurate and understandable format using the North American mathematical principles:

While the study may conclusively prove Europe is the weakest region, tournament organizers insist that WCS Europe deserves respect regardless of the inferiority of the region.

“StarCraft fans should aspire to be region-blind,” said NASA lead researcher Juan Carlos “MajOr” Tena Lopez. “WCS EU players are not that different from ordinary progamers.”

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