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LMQ and the American Dream

North America has a long history of immigrants performing cheap, menial labor. Even today, immigrants continue to work in blue-collar, under-appreciated jobs, acting as landscapers, domestic servants, and — most recently — North American progamers.

Under a cloak of darkness and athlete visas, the Chinese team LMQ, sister to Royal Club, moved to the United States on December 15, 2013, presumably to take advantage of capitalism, Twitter, and an “easier” North America region.

Some criticized LMQ for seeking out easier opponents in NA in order to earn more money and prestige, citing Riot’s hypocritical policy of banning Bronze-to-Challenger streams, yet allowing LMQ to continue their NA-to-Worlds journey. Several NA LCS pros were spotted at an anti-LMQ protest, chanting “They’ll take our jobs!”

“It’s disheartening to see EG accepted by the NA community while LMQ faces opposition,” said one r/leagueoflegends user. Both teams moved to NA from foreign regions, although from opposite directions, and both teams qualified for Summer Promotions, also from opposite directions.

On the extreme end of LMQ’s critics exists a host of xenophobic, anti-immigrant protesters, the most prominent being Diamond I LoL player and blaxploitation sci-fi character Prototype Black.

“I hate LMQ,” said Black. “Their broken English reminds me of my own journey from illiteracy to spamming coherent insults while raging.”

He added, “Why won’t Vasilii call me a ‘cute boi’??”

Despite their amazing performance in the Coke Zero Challenger Series, the members of LMQ remain under heavy stress due to culture shock and community hate.

“I didn’t even want to come to America initially, but our team manager told me the tournaments were paved in gold,” said LMQ AD Carry and Spanish tenderloin enthusiast Li “Vasilii” Wei-Jun. “She was right.”

While North American fans have traditionally been quick to support foreign players like TSM’s Bjergsen, CLG’s Dexter, and most of EG’s roster, they have been slow to accept LMQ, a team which may be unpopular due to their blatant and unrepentant non-whiteness.

In response, LMQ has announced plans to add former Call of Duty progamer and verified Caucasian “Right2VolibearArms,” an ADC Graves main who enjoys Michael Bay movies and can recite, from memory, Articles I-IV of the United States Constitution.

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