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Arteezy Skype Logs with EG Owner Leaked

Below are Skype logs between Canadian professional Dota 2 player Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and the owner of team Evil Geniuses, Alexander Garfield.

[4:59:32 PM] Alex Garfield: can we do a voice call
[4:59:33 PM] Arteezy: no
[4:59:34 PM] Arteezy: i cant
[4:59:39 PM] Alex Garfield: i hate you
[4:59:40 PM] Arteezy: my headphones rnt plugged in
[4:59:41 PM] Arteezy: Fuck
[4:59:49 PM] Alex Garfield: is it that hard to plug them in :)
[4:59:52 PM] Arteezy: ya
[4:59:53 PM] Arteezy: im chill DUDE
[4:59:54 PM] Arteezy: im doing chem hw
[4:59:57 PM] Arteezy: Just relaxing
[5:00:01 PM] Arteezy: With music Max sound u Feel me
[5:00:04 PM] Alex Garfield: plug ’em in DUDE
[5:00:17 PM] Arteezy: Just typre dude
[5:00:17 PM] Arteezy: FUk
[5:00:25 PM] Arteezy: Why u gotta be so Formal Mane
[5:00:33 PM] Alex Garfield: i’m old school like that
[5:00:38 PM] Arteezy: I’m just a boy T_T (hug)
[5:00:57 PM] Arteezy: (:|
[5:06:21 PM] Alex Garfield: plug ’em in, homie
[5:06:34 PM] Arteezy: DIDE FICKL OFF
[5:06:37 PM] Arteezy: PLZ LET ME BE
[5:06:46 PM] Arteezy: IM IN SUCH A chill pHaSe
[5:06:49 PM] Arteezy: Rock on

[3:21:28 PM] Arteezy: who did u hear that from
[3:21:37 PM] Alex Garfield: can’t answer that
[3:21:46 PM] Arteezy: ███████

in celebration im gonna ███████

[4:22:34 PM] Arteezy: i dont want to be forced
[4:22:35 PM] Arteezy: to stream ███ hours
[4:22:42 PM] Arteezy: sometimes i dont want to play and do hw and shit like that
[4:22:46 PM] Arteezy: its a genuine concern i feel.
[4:23:00 PM] Arteezy: ███ + ███ for streaming ███ hours how about that
[4:23:15 PM] Arteezy: i dont think ill stream as much
[4:23:19 PM] Arteezy: due to matches n shit
[4:23:24 PM] Arteezy: which is what im foreseeing
[4:23:35 PM] Alex Garfield: there are going to be at least 20 hours of streaming required in the contract regardless
[4:23:52 PM] Arteezy: ye thats np
[4:24:43 PM] Alex Garfield: $███ including ███ hours, $███ bonus at additional ███ hours, performance bonus structure which maxes out at $███
[4:24:45 PM] Alex Garfield: and you will sign?
[4:25:49 PM] Arteezy: yes
[4:26:20 PM] Alex Garfield: ok
[4:26:25 PM] Arteezy: wow
[4:26:27 PM] Arteezy: Business
[4:28:06 PM] Alex Garfield: ~business~
[4:30:26 PM] Arteezy: in celebration im gonna ███████
[4:30:28 PM] Arteezy: tonight
[4:33:30 PM] Alex Garfield: red flags
[4:34:14 PM] Arteezy: O cmon dude

how is ███████ offensive U FUCKIN MKOTHERUFK ER

[12:56:45 AM] Alex Garfield: you’re gonna have to chill a little bit on language while on stream
[12:56:52 AM] Arteezy: i am aware
[12:56:52 AM] Alex Garfield: stuff like that is not as okay
[12:56:54 AM] Arteezy: i am just getting it out
[12:56:57 AM] Arteezy: before i sign this ███████
[12:57:15 AM] Arteezy: how come i cant use ███████ though
[12:57:23 AM] Alex Garfield: it’s an offensive word to a lot of people
[12:57:29 AM] Arteezy: it seems subjective
[12:57:34 AM] Alex Garfield: can’t say ███████, either
[12:57:45 AM] Arteezy: >?
[12:57:47 AM] Arteezy: ███████?
[12:57:49 AM] Arteezy: WHAT th ehlel
[12:57:54 AM] Alex Garfield: hell is fine
[12:58:04 AM] Arteezy: isn’t
[12:58:08 AM] Arteezy: ███████ = female dog
[12:58:14 AM] Alex Garfield: you’re cute
[12:58:14 AM] Arteezy: how is ███████ offensive
[12:58:18 AM] Arteezy: U FUCKIN MKOTHERUFK ER
[12:58:34 AM] Alex Garfield: this is going well
[12:58:55 AM] Arteezy: Oh well
[12:58:58 AM] Arteezy: wait are u for real
[12:59:00 AM] Arteezy: how come ic ant say ███████
[12:59:04 AM] Arteezy: i can understand the rest
[12:59:07 AM] Arteezy: but this shit waht the fuk
[12:59:10 AM] Arteezy: what about ███████
[12:59:13 AM] Arteezy: or ███████
[12:59:16 AM] Arteezy: or ███████
[12:59:42 AM] Alex Garfield: i think you know
[12:59:45 AM] Alex Garfield: the answer to that question
[1:00:04 AM] Arteezy: alright apologies
[1:00:30 AM] Alex Garfield: good talk

[1:00:49 AM] Arteezy: what else
[1:00:51 AM] Arteezy: am i not allowed to say
[1:01:08 AM] Arteezy: am i allowed to call other players out
[1:01:10 AM] Arteezy: and call them ███████
[1:01:11 AM] Arteezy: and shit like that
[1:01:19 AM] Alex Garfield: that’s fine
[1:01:27 AM] Arteezy: and what are the consequences for calling someone one of the above
[1:01:28 AM] Alex Garfield: it’s better if you just call them bad
[1:01:48 AM] Alex Garfield: ███████, ███████, and ███████
[1:01:49 AM] Alex Garfield: are really bad
[1:01:51 AM] Alex Garfield: and will be fined
[1:01:55 AM] Arteezy: hows ███████ bad
[1:01:57 AM] Arteezy: fear told me ███████ is ok
[1:01:59 AM] Arteezy: a while back
[1:01:59 AM] Alex Garfield: shut up
[1:02:03 AM] Arteezy: Rofl

[7:01:18 PM] Alex Garfield: so
[7:01:23 PM] Alex Garfield: we signing tonight?
[7:16:44 PM] Arteezy: Please relax.
[7:17:18 PM] Alex Garfield: you relax.
[7:17:32 PM] Arteezy: Lean
[7:17:33 PM] Arteezy: Lean
[7:17:34 PM] Arteezy: Lean DOER
[7:18:43 PM] Arteezy: Wow. Its open..
[7:18:45 PM] Arteezy: Sign 1location
[7:18:46 PM] Arteezy: ^_^
[7:32:21 PM] Alex Garfield: ?????
[7:32:27 PM] Alex Garfield: waddup DUDE?
[7:33:05 PM] Arteezy: FUCKin relax dude
[7:33:07 PM] Arteezy: im contemplating this

[11:59:22 PM] Arteezy: alright
[11:59:24 PM] Arteezy: i let it all out dude
[11:59:26 PM] Arteezy: i put on the ███████ song 300 x
[11:59:28 PM] Arteezy: and said ███████ 300 times
[12:02:42 AM] Alex Garfield: GLAD TO HEAR IT
[12:03:34 AM] Arteezy: 600 hunna emails
[12:03:36 AM] Arteezy: i AINT EVNE OPEN
[12:03:38 AM] Arteezy: ███████ U MUST BE JOKING
[12:03:42 AM] Arteezy: NEON GREEN PANTS
[12:36:02 AM] Alex Garfield: six hundred hundred emails?
[12:37:26 AM] Arteezy: Oops

ur fukin shit at jokes

[8:43:17 PM] Arteezy: whys ur name
[8:43:19 PM] Arteezy: adam apicella
[8:44:22 PM] Arteezy: on steam
[9:50:24 PM] Alex Garfield: it’s not
[9:50:27 PM] Alex Garfield: oh
[9:50:28 PM] Alex Garfield: on my profile
[9:50:29 PM] Alex Garfield: LOL
[9:50:34 PM] Alex Garfield: i don’t know. because it’s funny.
[10:02:29 PM] Arteezy: ur fukin shit at jokes
[10:05:27 PM] Alex Garfield: we’re not gonna get along.

[7:37:53 PM] Arteezy: ohgoodness u scared me
[7:37:59 PM] Arteezy: i thouight u were gonna msg me about my tweet
[7:38:03 PM] Arteezy: Great
[7:38:11 PM] Alex Garfield: i wasn’t, but now i’m going to check your twitter
[7:45:59 PM] Alex Garfield: that kind of stuff is a no-no
[7:46:05 PM] Arteezy: ███████
[7:46:51 PM] Alex Garfield: good talk

[7:49:23 PM] Arteezy: am i allowed to have ███████ in my tweets
[7:51:47 PM] Alex Garfield: you really should avoid having ███████ in your tweets

U my homie or U my homie? i jam out to this max sound and get drunk
Get higher

[8:15:13 PM] Alex Garfield: whatever that means.
[8:16:22 PM] Arteezy: the past is the fuckign past dude
[8:16:23 PM] Arteezy: It happens
[8:18:45 PM] Alex Garfield: nah, blood.
[8:19:02 PM] Arteezy: U my homie or U my homie?
[8:22:53 PM] Arteezy:
[8:22:58 PM] Arteezy: i jam out to this max sound and get drunk
[8:23:00 PM] Arteezy: Get higher
[11:45:48 PM] Alex Garfield: god
[11:45:49 PM] Alex Garfield: fuck my life
[11:55:25 PM] Arteezy: What?
[11:56:26 PM] Alex Garfield: what the fuck
[11:56:28 PM] Alex Garfield: are these videos
[11:56:31 PM] Arteezy: ?
[11:56:34 PM] Arteezy: i jam out to this shit
[11:56:35 PM] Arteezy: Get higher
[11:56:41 PM] Arteezy: Juicy j and kreayshawn
[11:56:43 PM] Arteezy: thats a smoking marathon
[11:56:44 PM] Arteezy: Take a shot
[11:57:27 PM] Alex Garfield: god
[11:57:39 PM] Arteezy: r we gunna jam out to this shit
[11:58:21 PM] Alex Garfield: i guess.

[6:51:39 PM] Arteezy: i got my gear dude thx
[6:51:41 PM] Arteezy: ij ust got another request.
[7:03:22 PM] Alex Garfield: hit me
[7:04:03 PM] Arteezy: Rofl? ███████
[7:04:49 PM] Alex Garfield: ??
[7:04:52 PM] Alex Garfield: ███████?
[7:05:11 PM] Arteezy: Uhm
[7:05:12 PM] Arteezy: Sorry.
[7:05:17 PM] Arteezy: Mistype
[7:05:19 PM] Arteezy: I meant ███████
[7:05:21 PM] Arteezy: Hey&
[7:05:25 PM] Alex Garfield: you’re a funny guy
[7:05:29 PM] Alex Garfield: we’re gonna have some good times

[7:12:45 PM] Arteezy: headsets ruin your hair
[7:12:48 PM] Arteezy: how do people play like that
[7:12:52 PM] Alex Garfield: your hair is like
[7:12:57 PM] Alex Garfield: .5″ long
[7:12:59 PM] Arteezy: so what
[7:13:01 PM] Arteezy: it still gets ruined
[7:13:06 PM] Alex Garfield: how can you ruin that
[7:13:10 PM] Arteezy: theres a dent
[7:13:14 PM] Alex Garfield: do you use GEL
[7:13:18 PM] Alex Garfield: do you need TIME IN THE MIRROR
[7:13:22 PM] Arteezy: no i hate gel
[7:13:24 PM] Arteezy: im a natural kinda guy
[7:13:28 PM] Alex Garfield: do you SPRAY IT
[7:13:30 PM] Arteezy: No
[7:13:33 PM] Arteezy: r those FUKIN capos
[7:13:35 PM] Arteezy: necessay
[7:13:36 PM] Arteezy: Motherfucker
[7:13:56 PM] Arteezy:

wHaTcHu wAnNa tALk aBOuT aRtoUR

[7:16:27 PM] Alex Garfield: i’m gonna have to get off skype
[7:16:32 PM] Arteezy: Dude
[7:16:33 PM] Alex Garfield: good luck in your games tomorrow
[7:16:35 PM] Arteezy: U cant just leave a brother hagning
[7:16:40 PM] Alex Garfield: okay
[7:16:46 PM] Arteezy: RIOFlk
[7:17:07 PM] Alex Garfield: wHaTcHu wAnNa tALk aBOuT aRtoUR

[7:17:47 PM] Arteezy: i have 10 days to finish 3 units of math dude
[7:17:55 PM] Arteezy: ive left everything to the last minute
[7:18:25 PM] Alex Garfield: are three units a lot of units?
[7:18:45 PM] Arteezy: yea
[7:18:48 PM] Arteezy: 3 homework packages
[7:18:51 PM] Arteezy: 3 tests
[7:18:53 PM] Arteezy: FUCK
[7:18:56 PM] Alex Garfield: addition is hard
[7:19:04 PM] Alex Garfield: you on three digit addition?
[7:19:06 PM] Alex Garfield: long division?
[7:19:08 PM] Arteezy: i got the highest mark in my grade on my bio test im so happy dude
[7:19:14 PM] Arteezy: that wasa highlight of my life

[7:32:55 PM] Arteezy: im gonan b EG.ARTEEZY.sadboys
[7:32:59 PM] Arteezy: The legacy will live on
[7:33:03 PM] Arteezy: #Emotional
[7:33:10 PM] Arteezy: #ArizonaIcedOutBoys
[7:33:15 PM] Alex Garfield: you are probably not going to be that
[7:33:18 PM] Arteezy: Rofl?
[7:33:20 PM] Arteezy: Whats ur problem
[7:33:28 PM] Alex Garfield: maybe something less ugly
[7:33:29 PM] Alex Garfield: how about
[7:33:34 PM] Alex Garfield: EG.Arteezy[SAD]
[7:33:37 PM] Arteezy: Ok
[7:33:47 PM] Arteezy: Yung Lean Doer
[7:33:55 PM] Alex Garfield: i have no idea what that means
[7:34:23 PM] Arteezy: im so me
[7:34:33 PM] Arteezy: my drow is internationally recognzied

[7:35:47 PM] Arteezy: do u go clubbing
[7:35:54 PM] Alex Garfield: yes
[7:35:56 PM] Arteezy: oh right hows ur break from cigs
[7:35:59 PM] Arteezy: did u lose yet
[7:36:01 PM] Arteezy: are u winning
[7:36:03 PM] Alex Garfield: no, i’m winning
[7:36:10 PM] Alex Garfield: when i commit to do something i generally do it
[7:36:16 PM] Arteezy: Rofl
[7:36:17 PM] Arteezy: i dont
[7:36:35 PM] Arteezy: ive got like so much bio shit to do
[7:36:39 PM] Arteezy: i mgonan go queue for a math
[7:36:44 PM] Arteezy: Alright dude ur me now
[7:37:25 PM] Alex Garfield: YEAH THAT’S THAT SUPER BASS
[7:37:28 PM] Arteezy: alright
[7:37:30 PM] Arteezy: if ur acutally listenign to that
[7:37:34 PM] Arteezy: im goinna kill myslef
[7:37:35 PM] Alex Garfield: on repeat
[7:37:39 PM] Alex Garfield: i’ve listened to it
[7:37:41 PM] Alex Garfield: probably 200x in a row
[7:37:43 PM] Arteezy: what are u even fucking doing
[7:37:50 PM] Alex Garfield: good song
[7:37:51 PM] Arteezy: arent u like 27 or something
[7:37:51 PM] Alex Garfield: great song
[7:37:54 PM] Arteezy: why are u listenign to nicki minaj
[7:37:55 PM] Alex Garfield: 29
[7:38:02 PM] Alex Garfield: but i look 19 when i shave
[7:38:16 PM] Arteezy: i look 16 when i shave
[7:38:27 PM] Arteezy: Fuck it dude
[7:39:04 PM] Alex Garfield: fuk it
[7:39:25 PM] Arteezy: have u ever drank lean
[7:40:24 PM] Alex Garfield: i legit
[7:40:28 PM] Alex Garfield: have no idea what that even means.
[7:41:41 PM] Arteezy: POURPLE RANK

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