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NASL May Have Closed Due to Lack of Money

Three long weeks after the North American StarLeague’s abrupt and puzzling departure from the StarCraft scene, fans and players are finally starting to get some answers as to why the organization was forced to shut down. Anonymous sources from within NASL have revealed that the company’s closure may have been related to lack of funds.

“After an exhaustive investigation, it has been determined that NASL ran out of money,” said ESPORTS historian and noted polonophobe Duncan “Thorin” Shields. “This running out of money occurred around the time that NASL shut down. Coincidence??”

Shields then proceeded to press a button that made this sound effect.

NASL Founder and CEO Russell Pfister commented:

“If you’re asking if we ran out of money, I can’t comment on that. I can however say we did not NOT run out of money, if you know what I mean.”

While this news may come as a surprise to the public, ESPORTS mathematicians and economists have provided a comprehensive chart that may help clarify the situation:

Although NASL’s exit from the scene may be sad for some, other organizations state there is much to learn from what happened.

“Our international spy network has confirmed that NASL’s key mistake was not having enough money,” said Azubu Digital Overlord P. Maxwell Windfury Park III. “Next time, they should try possessing more money.”

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