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ESEX Analysis: LCS Spring Split Week 1



[MIL vs. FNC] Rekkles Confused by Death Animation

Fnatic ADC Rekkles claims that he encountered a serious bug multiple times during Millenium vs. Fnatic that severely affected his gameplay. The bug, triggered by Rekkles’ health reaching zero, caused his screen to turn grey and prevented him from moving, attacking, or casting spells for a period of 30 to 50 seconds. Riot Games has stated that they are planning on fixing this bug by the next patch in order to discourage 2v1.

Alliance 4-0 in First Week of League Mechanics Championship

Alliance went 4-0 on Week 1 of EU LMC and living up to the “superteam” hype they have garnered. The young team was able to achieve their four crushing victories using their superior mechanics and literally nothing else. Alliance’s NA counterpart, Evil Geniuses, also went 4-0 in the League Shotcalling Championship.

Darien Picks Warwick While High, Accidentally Starts New Meta

“I was so high, I thought it was still Season Two,” revealed the Gambit toplaner and EU MVP in an exclusive ESEX interview. Darien then proceeded to calmly stare at the camera for two minutes, mesmerized by the way the light reflected off the lens.

Additional Headlines:
● Deficio Unable to Patch Spectator Client, Is Disqualified From Casting
● Exclusive Interview with Alliance Shotcaller, Empty Space of Air
● Mysterious Livestock Killings occur Near Gambit Gaming House Every Full Moon

North America

Bjergsen’s Chains a Metaphor for Society’s Oppression of the Individual Conscience

While TSM Bjergsen’s Leblanc chains seem to be, to the superficial, benighted eye, merely socio-ethnic aggressions with the intention of achieving a Darwinist quasi-pseudo-capitalistic end, they unequivocally represent the “individual man,” a post-modern rehabilitation of Nietzsche’s Übermensch and his subjugation by society’s injudicious and draconian mores.

Also, they’re pretty sick.

[DIG vs. C9] Cloud 9 Defeats Dignitas

We didn’t watch this game, but early polling and analysts see top NA team Cloud 9’s victory as all but assured. With picks, bans, and execution a mere a formality, the only question that remains is by how much will Cloud 9 win?

[CLG vs. CRS] Brief Interview with IWillDominate

After Curse’s loss in the hands of Counter Logic Gaming, ESEX was able to catch up with CRS IWillDominate to ask him if he thought the bans and picks could have been better. “We should have definitely banned the Hotshot NidaleeGG, it basically kicked my brotha in the ass.”

Additional Headlines:
● [C9 vs TSM] Analysis: TSM Should Have Bought Oracles
● [DIG vs C9] Counterlogic 9 Lives Up to Its Name
● [CRS vs XDG] Curse Blurs Line between LCS Professional Play and Level 20 Blind Pick
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