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Shots Fired: DeMusliM vs NaNiwa

Some Twitter drama happened this weekend! Tweets are in image format due to deletions.

It begins with some trash talking about the Swedish national StarCraft team.

Demuslim is presumably talking about Thorzain’s current girlfriend, Flo, who used to be a StarCraft 2 player on Quantic along with Naniwa. Abby is/was Demuslim’s girlfriend. +1 points to Naniwa’s “your move, Demuslim” because Demuslim’s next move was deleting the Tweet.

Thorzain is on EG, Naniwa on Alliance, which are “different” teams. The “stay classy” Naniwa picture is especially strong because hipster glasses are relevant.

Thooorin is back, fresh off his bout with HuK, ready to support a Swedish player on the Swedish EG bashing a Swedish player on the American EG against an American player on the American EG. Grack and Rotterdam make cameos as well.

If Naniwa takes a break from Twitter how are we going to release any articles? Please don’t retire, Naniwa’s Twitter Account.

These Tweets weren’t for us uneducated Americans to see, but fortunately ESEX was prepared. Since the first Shots Fired, we quickly realized we needed a blond Swedish translator. Red text is the English translation.
Thorzain “just wants to be left alone” well maybe stop stealing Naniwa’s women!?
Until next time!

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